Garage and electricity

Looking north. Garage door offset to the right/east to make sure the driveway clears the electric pedestal meter socket on left.
SW corner exterior of the garage. Underground wire from the electric pedestal enters the garage through this conduit goes through the wall straight into the breaker box.
Garage breaker box
Inside garage breaker box. Only two 100 amp breakers are installed so far. Far as I can tell, they are not serving anything. 22 additional slots are available.
Close-up of the two 100 amp breaker switches in garage panel.
Branch breaker bridge leftover by garage panel.
Bag of extra parts left by garage breaker panel.

Plate on exterior siding to receive an outdoor electric outlet.

The north side of the post of the electric pedestal also has an outlet on it. I am currently using it with long extension cords to power the garage door and the camper which is behind the garage.

So an outdoor charger could be placed on a second post outdoors next to the electric pedestal if we could avoid all the underground wires emanating from the existing electric pedestal meter socket.