Projects by Carl 6/23/2021

My brother traveled here from Colorado and did some more house projects. My house is smarter than me. At this point, from my phone, I can monitor and control:

– garage door
– air quality
– electricity consumption
– window blinds
– thermostats
– solar panel production

And I can monitor the water use as I use it.

Tasks completed:

  • soldering work on trailer connection
  • move frequently checked network items to lower shelf
    • starlink router
    • DSL router
    • A/B switch
    • Cisco router
    • Map out all circuit breakers with full detail
      • in house
      • in garage
    • install two electricity monitors
      • test all inputs to each monitor
    • smart garage door implementation
      • replace garage door button
    • Get Purple air quality monitor working
    • install metal edging around house foundation by Thursday when excavator comes to lay river stone.
    • living room floor outlet trim
    • move heavy book case from garage to living room
    • level out kitchen window shade, left side keeps dropping off front bracket
    • change angle of solar array, document future angle changes
    • troubleshoot garage door sensor problem
    • added phone number in FOTAI system
    • figure out intermittent wifi connection for main thermostat
    • thermostat hardwire connection tightened

LED Recessed Lights –all new in box

6 inch directional downlights
3000k warm white
Quantity = 4


4 inch downlights
3000k warm white
Quantity = 12

3 inch rotatable downlights
2700 soft white
Quantity = 12

Cases of metal frames 6 inch and 4 inch.