geek stuff

Trendnet VDSL2-modem-router
docking station
USB-ethernet adapter
battery tester
Netgear EX2700 range extender
Power over ethernet 5-port switch
14 by 12 by 8 weatherproof enclosure
lock pick kit
ethernet jacks

Access points:

WAVLINK router and access point
TP-Link EAP-110 access point

Spools of direct-bury cable:

1000 foot spool of direct bury cat 5 cable
1000-foot spool of direct-bury RG-6 coaxial cable


network tester
wire tracker

Punchdown tools:

Legrand punchdown tool
66 and 110 punchdown tool

Smart plugs:

power-cycling smart plug
energy monitoring smart plugs

ALFA things:

ALFA stuff
Yagi antenna