West: To be wrapped in cedar this spring.


Hammock goes here.
Porch swing goes here.

Ash ceiling and gimbal lights

To warm up the place, I tried to add wood wherever I could. Since you can’t put hardwood flooring over infloor heat, I decided with inspiration  by Kate and Chuck Campbell, to put wood on the ceiling.

The ash wood was milled and finished by Bratu’s Hardwood Interiors out of Ironwood Michigan.

Gimbal lights to illuminate art work on the walls (eventually).
Gimbal lights to “graze” future Lannon stone wall behind the wood stove.
Ash ceiling on 2/3s of the room (dining and living area).


Almost finished…

Waiting for me to install the floating cork floor


Just one wall cabinet for water glasses (after I find that box in the garage).
DIY IKEA kitchen. Ash fronts. Sinkology sink. Energy star appliances.
L-R Charcoal filter, Iron/Manganese filter, sediment filter.
Iron test strips.
All electric utilities.
Craigslist mirror and vanity I refinished.

Tile work by Clive Hewland. Photos don’t do it justice.

Dining table workspace
Living room woodstove hearth under construction.
Office/guest room


Construction timeline

2020 Timeline

April 27 Electric meter socket installed
May 12 Deck built for outhouse
May 26 Electric, cable and internet wire trenched to meter socket
June 2 Well drilling (took a week)
June 8 Electric service connected
June 9 Outhouse framed up
June 20 Interior of outhouse finished (still needs trim)
June 24 Excavating for garage slab
June 29 Sand lift and rebar prepared
June 30 Garage slab poured
July 10 Garage walls framed
July 20 Garage roof trusses
August 3 Garage siding doors, soffits etc finished!
August 24 Driveway construction started (2 days)
September 2 Staked out house footprint
September 3-7 House excavation and sand lift
September 14 Grade beam excavated, foam liner, vapor barrier
September 15 Infloor heat and plumbing laid
September 15 Rebar and concrete poured
September 21 Walls framed
September 22 Trusses up
September 24 Roof and shingles on
September 28 Frost foam around perimeter of house, holding tank installed
September 29 Doors and windows installed, headers, pocket door, closets, interior walls
October 1 Electrical wiring installed